Laboratoire d’Essais , de Contrôle, d’Analyses et d’Assistance Technique

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Studies and Geotechnical Investigation

The Laboratoire d’Essais , de Contrôle, d’Analyses et d’Assistance Technique (LECAT) represents so far a work experience of more than 25 years in civil engineering, environmental and chemistry. Its know-how allows it to intervene in the preliminary case study in the reception of a work, the geotechnical investigation, the quality control of materials, the control of works of buildings and roads, the expertise of buildings and works, environmental inspection, industrial and mineral chemistry, the consultancy and the technical support. The quality of our services is an essential element in our corporate culture. This mission is carried out by a team of experts, young and dynamic for the satisfaction of our customers or clients.


LECAT looks for the best compromise between available resources and requirements of its customers or clients for a safety and spread living environment.


The follow-up for the customer the works of the construction of its buildings, to give evidence of it according to the quality of the works realized by his contractor or company and to develop the situations of payment of his contractor according to the state of progress, and to certify the quality of the chosen materials.